Best Countries to do your undergraduate in 2017

People decide to study abroad for a variety of reasons, but are often baffled by the question of which country to choose as each country has different dynamics. Here I have put together a review of each country to help you choose your destination .


It wouldn’t come of as a surprise for most of us that USA is first on the list. Well its there for that is what it deserves. USA has been ranked the best country to study in for as long as anybody can remember and it’s because of the universities it has that are consistently ranked as the top universities in the world. In fact the top three universities in QS Rankings are in the US.

Now for the majority of us an US education would be quite expensive. As a matter of fact USA is also the most expensive study destination. So for those of you who cannot afford a US education , don’t get discouraged. There are still ways for you to study at your dream university in the US through scholarships and financial aids about which I’ll talk later.



United Kingdom would be second on the list with the second highest number of universities in the top 10. If you want a degree in English literature, this is the place to be.

While UK is not as expensive as US, it catches up in terms of living costs which would be higher than most places in the US.

A degree in UK would take you 3 years to complete unlike the traditional 4 year undergrad in many countries. There are a huge number of scholarships to help you afford your education.



Singapore wouldn’t be first on the list of dream destinations for most people but it is catching up fast with its world-class education at affordable costs ( well compared to US of course).

It has two universities in the top 10. These universities might be a better choice for someone who is looking for plenty of exposure to cultures from all over the globe as Singapore is a global hub for business, IT, etc. There is also a government bond which gives a highly subsidized education to those who are willing to sign up to work in the country ( or city) for a few years after the completion of the degree.

Similar to UK a degree in Singapore will take you 3 years.

The drawback factor would be the cost of living. Singapore is ranked as one of most expensive cities to live in.



Australia is the cheapest of the options available for you to get a world-class education. It has a fair number of universities in the top 100. These universities, while they may not be as good as the ones in the other countries on this list, are pretty good for what they cost.

Australia is constantly placed in the top in terms of the quality of living. So if you want to enjoy life to the fullest while getting a world-class degree, Australia is the place to be.

A degree in Australia will take 3-4 years depending on the institute.



Canada is often considered as the US counterpart where all those people who could not make it to the US end up. Well, while this might have been the common conception at one point of time,  it certainly is not true. Canada has its own blend of universities to offer.

Canada beats US at the cost of education and living, quality of life as well as the ease of getting admission. While Canada might not have the same quality of education to offer as the others in the list, it’s catching up soon.

Canada is a good option if you are looking to work in the same country after getting your degree as Canada offers its international students very simple ways to obtain a work permit right after graduation whereas doing the same would be highly difficult in USA.

All this information I have gathered over a few years while i had been researching to study abroad. Any further queries are welcome and will be answered as soon as possible.


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